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Dear Xionico

You made one of the best ending I've ever seen, the only time it happen was on an anime serie and I said the same thing. You give use enough material for our imagination to continue the story ourself, but not much so no one can ask you to continue. It was the greatest Madness serie I watched in my life. You are one of the few that mae me wanted to do Flash Animation and i'm thankfull for that. Also your serie had a great history and your ending complet it in every way possible, the choice of the music was perfect, the raining scene was also a great choice and you manage to made it look like a real movie (with the 3D instead of just animate in 2D like the real Madness way). I again congratulate you for your great work and thank you for showing us your great talent, if you make another serie I'm willing to help you in every way I can.

Have nice day Xionico

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I must say that I find the serie madness awsome, the idea was something new and the fact that you can understand what they want or asking without voice acting was brillant.

Respect Krinkels

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I would never belive that if someone really do it in life. it was really funny. Best drama ending ever XD

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Simple and Nice

I like the fact that you don't need mad skills to pass each levels, but I find really anoying the commercial in the middle of each levels, i can't see what i have to do in the important part of it. Anyways, really well made.

Have a nice day

nice dude

was pretty fun, I hate the control but its really fun

Great idea

Amazing game and a original idea, i would'nt think something like that in my life. The two things that bothers me is the fact that i can't put low graphics in that game (lame CPU i know) and the ohter one is that some jump are bugged.

But hey, a great game can't be perfect in every thing ;)

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Et oui, un bon québecois de cher nous. No i'm not only 100% french. Oui mes animation Flash vont en premier être en anglais, PUIS en français. Of course all my project will be finish one day and with voice acting. Mon plus gros projet va être french o

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Anything fun

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